Community  Feedback

Jika Uluntu has detailed statistics of all our activities available, but it is the responses from our beneficiaries that inspires us! 

“ Me I am very grateful that Jika Uluntu came to my life because I don’t think I would be still alive. I got a lot of support from health to my children. I used to shout at them every time because of stress and frustrations done by the problems I faced. Now i have noticed that, even them there is improvement in behaviour and i am also trying my best to meet them halfway. So all the improvements it is because of you.”

“Your work is very good, I appreciate the clothes and they came at the right time because I was very worried about my children since winter is approaching and I haven’t been called back to work. I long to go back to work but understand the seriousness  of the Covid virus and will take all the necessary precautions if her employers would ask her to return to work.

“I have learnt a lot from you and the trainings you have facilitated and I can see that my parenting skills have increased because before I did not take parenting seriously but now I am looking after my children well.”

“Words alone could never be enough to express how much I appreciate the services that Jika Uluntu  have been providing for my community and I pray  and thank the good Lord for bringing us social workers and  may He grant  you more strengths.”

 “I am not sure whether it is JU or it is just happening that my child has been behaving very well. I have only noticed that now but I think it is you because even though she is not a troublesome child but now she does everything without being asked. But if it is you I wish you  could always be hear and teach these children respect and academic stuff.”

“I was always angry because I lost my husband and child passed away and would not take care of my children, but you were always listening and empower me throughout even if I meet with you on the way. The relationship with my child has now improved and I am working for them and they listen to me.”

“My children used to be respectful and obey me but now that they are old it has been a problem. They smoke and do not think about me that I am sick, and they do not want to look for jobs. The only thing that keeps me strong is Jika Uluntu. Since you came to my life a lot has changed from bad to good because you always have an ear when I speak, and you empower me hence I am still strong.”