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Jika Uluntu Model of Care

Jika Uluntu collaborates with communities to deliver well researched and structured interventions to their beneficiaries. These interventions are measured by a comprehensive monitoring, evaluation and learning system which enables the capturing of qualitative and quantitative data at an individual and household level. This enables informed periodic review and reliable measurement of short term and long-term results that can be fed back into the system creating a learning loop.
Households Supported
Individuals Supported
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Children Primary Local School Supported

Our Pillars


We work in collaboration with local school and offer services at the Jika Uluntu Community Centre that support and improve academic performance.

Health & Wellbeing

• Sexual & Reproductive Health Rights
• Psychosocial Health & Mental Wellbeing
• Active Lifestyle

Protection & Safety

This program has been administered in the past through household visits that were done by our 2 social workers. Through this work that they have done since 2018 we are restructuring the program as it needs community-based workers to implement it with visible impact. 

Economic Strengthening

This is another program that has been implemented with skeleton staff which has caused our current staff to be stretched thin and our appointment to the EPWP NSS program will enable us to implement these programs with visible impact.


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