Health & Wellbeing

Our Achievements

During 2019 our kit achievements in our health and welfare programme are
  • 67% of guardians perceiving an improvement in the relationship with the children under their care
  • 71% of children perceiving an improvement in the relationship with their guardian’s
  • 404 household visits by a social worker
  • 69 counselling sessions provided
  • 356 children reached with a social behaviour programme
  • 86 health checks performed.


Jika Uluntu activities support the physical and emotional health of children and their families this includes: daily breakfast to school children, weekly counselling services, parenting & health awareness workshops, primary health care checks, HIV & TB testing and screening

We received the following feedback from the people we reached.

HH 0004: “ Me I am very grateful that Jika Uluntu came to my life because I don’t think I would be still alive. I got a lot of support from health to my children. I used to shout at them every time because of stress and frustrations done by the problems I faced. Now I have noticed that, even them there is improvement in behaviour and I am also trying my best to meet them halfway. So all the improvements it is because of you.”

HH0052: “I was always angry because I lost my husband and child passed away and would not take care of my children, but you were always listening and empower me throughout even if I meet with you on the way. The relationship with my child has now improved and I am working for them and they listen to me.

Assistance Needed

Are you a registered nurse, social worker or therapist? If so, please help by volunteering your time. Financial assistance will be welcomed for HIV/TB community  training and the daily feeding