Education Support

Our Achievements

In 2019 Jika Ulunthu delivered breakfast  to 837 children reached for daily, held 14 workshops reaching 122 guardians and awarded 199 children with certificates of achievement


Jika Uluntu staff and volunteers support children in their education by offering benchmark care at its early childhood development centre, homework support groups and a social behaviour support programme to the school children

We received the following feedback from the people we reached.

HH 0019: “Khule is a good child and I can see that she is obsessed about the homework group and the choir. I am happy because it keeps her busy positively and her school work has improved. We have a very good relationship and she would say that Tuesday and Thursday take time to come she wants to go sing or go to the homework.” Education

HH0049: “I always had a good relationship with my children and now they have improved because Noxolo stated that you were teaching them about choices they make in life and goals. She is now surprising me and is a bit determined that before and does her school work and take care of her younger sister. I am amazed.” Education

Assistance Needed

Financial assistance is our current top priority in providing a suitable classroom, sanitation and fencing for the creche. Currently activities are taking place in a temporary informal space that’s being donated until a formal space is constructed.